April 24, 2017


An absolutely GLOWING review of our Fun Factory Lady Bi!

An absolutely GLOWING review of our Fun Factory Lady Bi!

"I purchased the Lady Bi from Salon de Venus for medical purposes. Cancer treatment had scarred and severely shortened my vaginal cavity - my gynaeoncologist said "use it or lose it" and prescribed a vibrator. 

As I had never owned one before I had no clue about what was good. Luckily the owner of Salon de Venus personally talked me through all the options in a respectful and considerate manner.

I decided on the Lady Bi and within a few days it was waiting at my front door in a discreet post pack.

I was extremely happy with this purchase. Sex has been very painful for me for a long time and I wasn't expecting anything like the joy I got from my cobalt blue Lady Bi.
It is aesthetically pleasing - velvety to the touch, solid in construction, easy to use, rigid where it counted but flexible enough for massage.
The best part was the rumble!
The heavy vibrations along with adjustable settings were just what I needed.
I haven't orgasmed in years because of pain and fear associated with my surgery but the Lady Bi brought me to a thigh shaking, whimpering orgasm in 10 minutes.

Highly recommended."

Grab yours here!


Love, The Salon.


March 29, 2017


Salon De Venus - Guide To BDSM, Consent and Desire Negotiation!

There is a very rightful level consideration, focus and emphasis on consent in BDSM practice. Peel the first pages of any guide to bondage, pain-play or power dynamics and chapter one, page one should hopefully push erotism to one side and immediately speak of the importance of negotiation and mutual consent.

Being as BDSM is so frequently requires control of one's behaviour and the practice of risky and highly technical practices, consent is not only an element of physical and psychological safety.

This article will turn away from the issues of negotiation as a matter of consent, but a matter of enhancing your experience and making sure you and your play partners desires are as richly explored as they can be! Technicality aside, there is so much self exploration and deep, powerful pleasures held in our kinky little world that can go un heeded with a number of pitfalls! Yours truly has definitely fallen into every pothole that lies along the road of naughtiness and while those mistakes are always learned from, there’s one thing that remains vitally apparent each time. That thing, is communication.

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October 24, 2015


Salon De Venus partners with Penthouse: Black Label Magazine to offer gift lucky subscribers!

Salon De Venus partners with Penthouse: Black Label Magazine
to offer gift lucky subscribers!

Teaming with the wonderful new Australian Penthouse: Black Label Magazine, Salon De Venus are offering $100 & $50 dollar gift cards to new subscribers! A great way to get your hands on a great publication and lots of goodies from us!

October 24, 2015


Salon De Venus is featured on the cover of Australian Penthouse magazine!

Salon De Venus is featured on the cover of the November edition of Australian Penthouse magazine!
Showcasing our range of Vintage What Katie Did lingerie in conjunction with Breitling Watches.

The editorial feature highlights the vintage flair in a modern pin-up setting, wearing our divine What Katie Did Gwendoline Panty Girdle!

Fancy one yourself? Have a look here!

Xox, The Salon.

August 17, 2015


Surprising Ways Vibrators Can Enhance Your Sex Life!

It's not always the most "spoken about" of topics, but research has shown that behind closed doors nearly half of Australian couples use Vibrators in their sex lives!

As we all know, when used correctly, a vibrator creates pleasurable sensations that help pleasure lovers reach new heights of sexual excitement… But that's far from the only benefit!

Research shows that using a vibrator can help couples feel more comfortable, expressive and  open about their sexuality, which can make for a deeper and more expressive sexual relationship.

And in national surveys, Indiana University researchers found that both men and women who used vibrators alone or with their partners enjoyed better sex lives and took better care of their sexual health. View full article →
August 10, 2015


The Latest in Luxury Adult Toys

We at Salon De Venus have taken a good, hard look across the range of adult toys offered worldwide and always sought to provide the best possible selection to our beloved customers!

Trust us, there is always a new and exciting product on the way, but what sets Salon De Venus apart is our insistence on only stocking what we believe to be the best. Regardless of any other factor, what we offer has been rigorously examined and reviewed!

Occasionally, our selection of designers may shrink - knowing that we only even want to present you with the greatest adult toys available. 

Our premier brands, such as Doxy, Nomi Tang, LELO and JimmyJane are always prized and highly regarded by those in the know! So we're glad to be able to offer them to Australian pleasure lovers! 

Occasionally, as some brands quality dissolves or availability lessens - we may have to sadly decide to remove them from sale, but know that we're always hunting for whats making a splash and providing it meets our high standard of quality, we can't wait to offer them to you!

If any special requests are in order, please never hesitate to contact us at contact@salon-de-venus.com.au

Lots of love,
The Salon Xox!

July 29, 2015

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Oh, Joy! Adult Toys! (Part Three)

Salon De Venus is most pleased to present Part Three of our beginners guide to adult and sex toys!

We seem to be the first-stop for a lot of lovely people wanting to begin exploring and it's always worth paying a little mind to the essential accessories, which is just what we'll be going into today.

LELO Personal Moisturizer 
LELO's Perfect Pairing.

Only LELO would think of combining two essentials into one perfect package! Not only is this a wonderful, body-safe lubricant for use with your favourite adult toys, it's also a glycerine-free moisturiser for your skin and sensitive areas.

Non staining, non greasy and just vital for your bedside table!

Pjur Woman
The lubricant especially designed for women...

pjur® Woman is a silicone based lubricant designed especially for women, tailored to their comfort, pleasure, and sensuality.

Pjur have designed it with no preservatives or perfumes, making it ideal for sensitive skin, areas and people!


July 27, 2015


Oh, Joy! Adult Toys! (Part 2)

Salon De Venus is most pleased to present Part Two of our beginners guide to adult and sex toys! We seem to be the first-stop for a lot of lovely people wanting to begin exploring introducing adult toys into their sex lives.

Now, just because you're starting out doesn't mean you have to compromise...

Doxy Massage Magic Wand Vibrator
For those who want to start at the top and stay there. 

The Doxy Massage Magic Wand has become legendary & in such a short time. And you know what? It's for good reason.

You may have heard of the "Hitachi" wand - The very one that started the craze for Magic Wands as the new way for women, men and couples to reach heights of pleasure, together. The reason the Doxy stands head-and-shoulders above its competition by being over 30% more powerful, even across it's different speeds and pulsations.

Your erogenous spots will feel nothing but wave after wave of pleasure. Trust us!

JoyBoxx Hygienic Storage System
Keep your toys discrete, safe and clean!

Now that you've gathered a few essentials, it's time to look at the best way to keep your adult toys at their best for years to come!

May we introduce... The JoyBoxx Hygienic Storage System!

Be on top of keeping your toys safe - discreetly, securely and hygienically with the JoyBoxx. Perfect to go with the serious toy collection or for beginners wanting to keep their play time private! It even comes with a mini-combination lock for one-hundred percent safe keeping.

We especially love the "PlayTray," designed to keep your toys and other essentials separated. No more messy spills, everything is right where it should be and away from prying eyes!

Problem Solved!


July 23, 2015


Lelo Vibrators ›

Oh, Joy! Adult Toys! (Part 1)

We at Salon De Venus have to admit something! We seem to be the first-stop for a lot of lovely people wanting to begin exploring introducing adult toys into their sex lives!

It's an honour, we must say. 

After seeing so many delightful adult and lingerie stores on our trips to Europe here and there, we realised that we Australians have just as much an appetite for luxurious, beautifully designed and love-life enriching toys, vibrators and accessories.

But where to start? 

Well, we've put together a beginners guide to filling your toy box with all the essentials!

LELO - Smart Wand
This is the adult toy no woman should ever be without. 

Beautifully designed, wonderful to hold and of the absolute utmost quality in construction, the LELO Smart Wand is almost always what The Salon will guide a new lover of pleasures towards!

As a non-penetrative toy, it is a fantastic way to start exploring sensations through vibration to see what you like to feel and where.

Not only is it an affordable luxury vibrator, as far as adult toys go - being a member of the LELO club is as exclusive as it is seductive, leaving many coming back for oh-so much more.

SVAKOM - Leslie
For the cold, winter nights. 

SVAKOM came to Salon De Venus straight from the USA, where a cold winter is really something to contend with! As the world's premier "self-heating" vibrator, The Salon would always guide those who want to explore an insertable vibrator to start here. 

Leslie creates a soothing, internal sensation that is as relaxing as a warm bath at around 40 degrees through it's internal core heater. It's a divine shape tapering towards the g-spot to make sure it provides unforgettable sensations. 

Although the SVAKOM Leslie is a great place to start exploring, it's likely you'll never want to stop!


March 20, 2015


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