September 30, 2014


Spice Things Up with Australia’s Finest Adult Online Store

It isn’t exactly a topic of conversation you hear every day, but here at Salon De Venus, we think it needs to be said; buying a sex toy might just redefine the things you do in the bedroom. In fact, research has shown that nearly half of Australian couples have already cottoned on to this notion and bought themselves an adult toy online or in store to play with in the bedroom. With a wide range of sex shops throughout Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of Australia, it can be hard to know where to start and what brands to trust for a truly good time. This is why we at Salon De Venus pay close attention to all the details and only stock the best of the best. When you shop our adult online store, you can be confident that you’re in for nothing less than the time of your life.

The rise of the vibrator

Buying an adult toy, such as a vibrator or dildo, can be incredibly beneficial to your sex life, whether that’s with a partner or simply all by yourself. It has been proven that people who use these items in the bedroom are more open and comfortable with their sexuality, an attitude that we are completely in favour of here at Salon De Venus. From luxury products that will get your heart racing to more affordable items that anyone can enjoy, our customers can buy adult toys in our online store easily and discreetly, with the added pleasure of having it shipped anywhere in Australia. Men and women all over the country enjoy our range of products every day, so whether you’re from Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in between, take a look at our online store and see what tickles your fancy.

Tried and tested toys

What’s the point in your adult toy being shipped all the way to Melbourne or Perth if it’s only going to break as you really start to enjoy it? We would never want to disappoint our valued customers, which is why we make sure you only get the best of the best when it comes to sex toys. Each brand and product listed on our online Australian sex store is of extremely high quality and worth your money, as determined by our reviewers. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it for the good of the customer…

Make an order today

Our quality adult products are made to take your private time to the next level. Whether you’re in Melbourne, NSW or Queensland, we can guarantee that by the time the package gets to your door you’ll be dying to try it out.

Buy your new sex toy online in our Australian shop today and receive free shipping if you sign up to our newsletter!

Visting Salon De Venus - Why Us?

Indulgence, exploration, satisfaction, pleasure... Gorgeous things, right? We at the Salon certainly think so and that if you're here, you probably have a keen eye for it too. 

Sadly, it's taken Australia a while to open its arms to the finer arts of adult toys. Too long have pleasure-seekers had to make do with under-the-counter, second-floor stores offering some of the cheapest, nastiest and sometimes wholly unsafe toys for sale. Well, we say no more!

Rather than seeking world-wide to buy vibrator online, Salon De Venus has selected the finest personal pleasure products for you, right here in Australia. You can be assured we stock the highest quality, body-safe and longest-lasting toys the world has to offer.

So, explore the Salon De Venus, Australia's new premier adult online shop. Cast your eyes over our luxurious selection and treat yourself to the pleasure you deserve. 


The Salon xox.


Featured Product: Alia by Lelo
$139.95 and available now in Black, Pink & Rose.

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