Demoniq | Sabine Lingerie Set

Sabine is a playful and provocative lingerie set. At first it may seem to be just another ordinary lingerie set, but its been designed it to encourage you to think dirty and have some fun. It features a beautiful bra made from soft, delicate lace, which delightes with its rich colors and matching thong.

Black rubber bands and ribbon bows are combined in a very tasteful way with black lace patterns. The thong catches attention with its vivid colors, but that is not all. It is an "open space" design so when you put your thong on you will send a clear message saying what kind of game you want to play.

With your Sabine lingerie set you will not only emphasize the beauty of your body, your joyful attitude and personality, whilst making a clear indication of what kind of fun you want to have today.

The set includes:

  • Bra
  • Thong


  • Unique energizing colors lace.
  • Open space thong.
  • Flexible and resilient materials with elastane.
  • High quality and pleasant to the touch lace.
  • Metal regulators.
  • Regulators adjusted to the width elastics.
  • Reinforcing stitching in critical areas.