Lylou | Kissable Massage Gel

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel is an edible, erotically warming gel with a wonderful aroma of chocolate and chilli and delicious flavour. Lylou Kissable Massage gel can be massaged for erotic amorous play with your partner. Explore your partners body with this heating massage gel, and blow gently on those places where the gel has been rubbed in, creating an erotically heightened feeling of warmth.

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel is developed using high-quality erotic and natural skin-care ingredients, including natural extract of vine leaves and panthenole, creating a massage gel which slide easily and smoothly over your skin.

This fantastic massage gel can also be used as a lubricant.

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel is easily removed with water.

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Choco Chilli creates the alluring fragrance of chocolate and chilli allowing your senses to fire up

Special Features:

  • Edible massage gel
  • Delicious aroma
  • Promotes an increased sexual desire
  • Hot and sensual massage
  • Massage gel and lubricant
  • Increases sensitivity in intimate areas
  • 125 ml