Adrien Lastic | Pelvixconcept

The Adrien Lastic Pelvixconcept is the ultimate in Kegel and Pelvic Floor exercisers. Intensive research went into designing the ideal shape, weight and concept of these exercisers so you can enjoy maximum pleasure, satisfaction and longer lasting sex!

By working these devices, a physically fit pelvic floor will help arousal, accelerate orgasm and intensify sensations in the vagina. 

The Pelvixconcept is entirely coated in high-quality silicone, which is bio tolerable and very smooth to the touch. The special feature of the Pelvixconcept is the movement of the weights inside it. This characteristic stimulates blood circulation, a major factor in muscle toning. The front is tapered to aid in insertion. The middle is ribbed to adapt to the vaginal wall. The rear is angled in order to be comfortable when the muscles contract. The removal cord in nylon and coated with medical grade silicone.

Pelvixconcept contains 3 different weighted balls that can be inserted into the casing. As your pelvic floor muscles get stronger, the ball weights can be changed to the progressively heavier balls.


    • Pelvic Floor Muscle exerciser for Kegel exercises
    • Developed in collaboration with industry professionals
    • Easy insertion and removal
    • 3 different weighted balls
    • Pelvic floor strengthening
    • Enhance orgasm, arousal and sensation